think safe, sanitize green

Sanis­wiss offers a pro­fes­sio­nal range of safe eco-friend­ly sani­ti­zers and clea­ners.
At Sanis­wiss we chal­lenge clas­si­cal che­mi­cal disin­fec­tant by offe­ring clean novel tech­no­lo­gies, com­bi­ning safe­ty and the best bio­ci­dal effi­ca­cy. Active on a wide range of patho­gens, inclu­ding against super­bugs MDR (Mul­ti-Drug Resis­tant), our boos­ted Hydro­gen Per­oxide tech­no­lo­gy help heal­th­care pro­fes­sio­nals figh­ting HAIs and Sep­sis eve­ry day. Thanks to an oxi­da­tive ope­ra­ting mode, there is no risk to gene­rate germ resis­tance any­more, while bac­te­ria, myco­bac­te­ria, yeast, fun­gus, virus and spores incl. C. dif­fi­cile have no chance to sur­vive. It turns out that you don’t need poi­son to kill germs any­more, just cle­ver bio­tech­no­lo­gy from Sanis­wiss.

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think ahead, sanitize automatically

Sanis­wiss auto­mate aHP no-touch room sani­ti­zer is the new way in infec­tion pre­ven­tion of sur­faces.
Envi­ron­men­tal conta­mi­na­tion is invol­ved in the trans­mis­sion of patho­gens in a pro­por­tion of HAIs. Admis­sion to a room pre­vious­ly occu­pied by a patient colo­ni­zed or infec­ted with patho­gens, increases the risk of acqui­si­tion by sub­sequent occu­pants. There are new needs to improve ter­mi­nal disin­fec­tion of these patient rooms, since conven­tio­nal manual methods may be limi­ted by reliance on the ope­ra­tor to ensure appro­priate selec­tion, dis­tri­bu­tion and contact time of the agent. Sanis­wiss auto­mate aHP use the bio­cide of choice for room sani­ti­zing: boos­ted Hydro­gen Per­oxide tech­no­lo­gy smart­ly aero­so­li­zed. It turns out that vali­da­ted and com­pliant sur­face and air­borne bio decon­ta­mi­na­tion allows you to focus on what tru­ly mat­ters.

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think green, act accordingly

Sanis­wiss live and breathe green, we mean it.
From the way we do busi­ness to how we source ingre­dients to out war on ocean plas­tic, it’s all about fin­ding new ways to put our safe values into prac­tice. Even if it’s going to take a while to get there. We believe a company’s suc­cess shouldn’t sim­ply be mea­su­red by pro­fit alone. At Sanis­wiss we care about their social and envi­ron­men­tal impact. We believe there’s sim­ply no future in using dir­ty, pla­net-pol­lu­ting, crude oil-deri­ved pro­ducts. Using plants and bio­lo­gi­cal pro­cesses will help grow a sus­tai­nable, rene­wable eco­no­my. We source main­ly plant based ingre­dients. Nature is our guide in eve­ry­thing we do. We use smart, green science to create natu­ral­ly-deri­ved active ingre­dients that can use less ener­gy, less water and fewer mate­rials to create clea­ning and sani­ti­zing pro­ducts that are effec­tive.
That’s why among other awards, our bio­clea­ners bene­fit of EU Eco­la­bel and most of our sani­ti­zers bear no CLP hazard sym­bols.

think efficient, exceeds standards

Sanis­wiss fight patho­gens smart­ly and use har­mo­ni­zed stan­dards but not only.
That fight requires full control over all the para­me­ters of disin­fec­tion, anti­sep­sis, and deter­gen­cy, as well as conti­nuous inno­va­tion in terms of new chal­lenges such as MDR and other new diseases to come. By the year 2050, we will have more people dying from anti­bio­tic resis­tant infec­tions than people cur­rent­ly dying from can­cer. Sanis­wiss aim to par­ti­ci­pate to this fight and help saving life. Effi­cien­cy is at the heart of our mis­sion and we test our sani­ti­zers and clea­ners at the most rene­wed labo­ra­to­ries in order to make sure our pro­ducts meet the latest requi­re­ments and tests methods for VAH-Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion, to com­ply bio­cide BPR direc­tive 98/8/EC, to com­ply with Medi­cal Device direc­tive 93/42/EEC.
Our bio­sa­ni­ti­zers are tes­ted accor­ding to che­mi­cal disin­fec­tants and anti­sep­tics and appli­ca­tion of Euro­pean Stan­dards EN 14885 and the fol­lo­wing for che­mi­cal disin­fec­tants and anti­sep­tics effi­cien­cy to com­ply with EN 1276, EN 1499, EN 1500, EN 1650, EN 1656, EN 1657, EN 12791, EN 13610, EN 13623, EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13704, EN 13727, EN 14204, EN 14348, EN 14349, EN 14476, EN 14561, EN 14562, EN 14563, EN 14675, EN 16437, EN 16438.