range of accessories

Saniswiss accessories

Sanis­wiss acces­so­ries is a wide range of soa­king trays, dry-wipes, dis­pen­sers, dosers and tests. They enable an opti­mal use and vali­da­tion of our pro­ducts.

  • soaking trays

    bac trempage 3000ml_132017_web vignetteSanis­wiss soa­king trays is a range of tight contai­ners, they are dedi­ca­ted to the good use of our soa­king concen­trates.

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  • dry-wipes

    Sanis­wiss dry-wipes are pre­mium extra-large wipes, they are dedi­ca­ted to be soa­ked with our sur­face clea­ners and sani­ti­zers.

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  • dispensers

    132085_dispenser_web vignetteSanis­wiss dis­pen­sers is a range of prac­ti­cal hol­ders, it is dedi­ca­ted to the wall-moun­ted use of our flasks.

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  • dosers

    dosing dispensing_web vignetteSanis­wiss dosers is a range of user sup­ports, they are dedi­ca­ted to the pre­cise and eco­no­mi­cal use of our concen­trates.

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  • tests

    biotest_web vignetteSanis­wiss tests is a range of tes­ting, they are dedi­ca­ted to the rou­tine vali­da­tion of Sanis­wiss pro­ducts.

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