2006 Founding year

Founded in 2006 by our current CEO Jérôme Weill, Saniswiss quickly made itself a name by introducing new disruptive and clean technologies in the market. Over the years, the quality and seriousness of the company resulted in a sustainable growth and increased worldwide reputation. In 2010, Saniswiss products can be find in more than 50 markets, through an established network of trusted professional partners. In 2017, the son of Jérôme Weill, Maxime Weill, joins the company in order to accelerate the company’s growth in the healthcare sector through a new open innovation approach. In 2019, Saniswiss assumes its role of disrupter in the field and commits to bringing the safest hygiene solutions to the world of healthcare for a sustainable future for all.

84 Countries presence

To this day, Saniswiss exports its safe hygiene solutions in more than 80 countries in every continents. Thanks to trusted partners and direct subsidiaires in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Lebanon, UK, and China, we deliver best-in-class infection prevention solutions in the Medical, Dental, Emergency, and Pharma sectors amongst others. We believe in a flat organization in order to leverage agility and responsiveness in an always-evolving market, to serve the needs and challenges of our customers.

As we are always looking to expand, we trust partner companies who share our beliefs of a more sustainable environment thanks to our clean and innovative technologies and who are willing to make a true impact for the better.

28 Safe products

We offer a large range of products, machines, and data-collection solutions covering most of healthcare centers hygiene needs.

For each of our solution, we aim for the highest standards of efficacy, without compromising users’ safety and environment. To illustrate our commitment, we created the « Safe Hygiene Solutions » label, which attest the lowest impact on the users’ health and safety (no CLP symbols) and the environment (highly biodegradable). While we noticed a generalized and growing green-washing trend, we throve by striving for a more honest and transparent approach with all of our stakeholders.

Our values

Our purpose is to offer the world’s leading class efficacy sanitizers and cleaners while making no compromise with the safest choice in terms of environmental impact and workers’ safety. Putting science at first, we leverage cutting-edge biotechnologies to deliver on our Safe Hygiene Solutions promise for healthcare facilities and workers. Our company, our technologies, and our approach to infection prevention are deliberately disruptive, truly innovative, effective, and sustainable.

Raising standards

We have at heart to work in close cooperation with our partners in order to raise the standards of education through training and constant content updates. Flat and agile, our organization is managed in a modern way in order to respond quickly to a fast moving and growing environment.

Swiss excellence

Above all, our company cultivates the Swiss excellence standards on all levels, from production to delivery. Our modern approach to Infection Prevention translates into a tight-knit community of passionate professionals who always look for improvements and customers’ satisfaction.

Our impact

With a global presence,
our main mission is two-fold

On the one hand, we research, develop, and manufacture better and safer hygiene solutions which fit our values and the challenges of today and tomorrow.

On the other hand, we educate, train, and sometimes alert our stakeholders to those challenges and best practices. To do so, we have learnt and are still learning from the leading sources of knowledge in the world, which are part of our ecosystem in Geneva, Switzerland.

We are a proud member of the POPS organization (Private Organization for Patient Safety), a WHO initiative led by the Genevan Pr. Didier Pittet to promote the importance of Hand Hygiene in the world. Moreover, Saniswiss is a founding member of the Clean Hospitals group, in order to promote and educate Healthcare stakeholders on the importance and best practices of environmental hygiene.

Our SAFETM label represents everything we stand for and guarantees the respect of both the workers’ safety and environment.

It symbolises state-of-the-art clean technologies which translates into products without CLP symbols related to environmental or health concerns.
The SAFETM is the quality stamp of our core value : no trade-offs between efficacy and safety.

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