biocleaner C4

eco-friendly descaling gel

biocleaner C4

eco-friendly descaling gel C4


cleaner, descaling

Sanis­wiss bio­clea­ner C4 is dedi­ca­ted to the clea­ning and main­te­nance of toi­lets. It pro­vides an eco­lo­gi­cal non-aggres­sive tho­rough clea­ning, removes limes­cale and most depo­sits. Fre­sh­ly per­fu­med, it deo­do­rizes toi­lets and basins. For­mu­la­ted in a contact gel, it ensures a long las­ting effect pre­ven­ting limes­cale and is ideal for main­te­nance of sinks, tiles, enamel, etc. Without any dan­ger for sep­tic tanks.

bio­de­gra­da­bi­li­ty >98%. bio-edel­weiss fresh scent.