biosanitizer S2 wipes

eco-friendly surface cleaning sanitizing wipes

biosanitizer S2 wipes

eco-friendly surface cleaning sanitizing maxi-wipes

biosanitizer S2 wipes

eco-friendly surface sanitizer S2 wipes


cleaner, sanitizer

Sanis­wiss bio­sa­ni­ti­zer S2 wipes are eco-friend­ly alco­hol-free sani­ti­zing wipes pre-mois­tu­ri­zed with the anti­mi­cro­bial solu­tion bio­sa­ni­ti­zer S2. Thanks to its spe­cial for­mu­la­tion free from alco­hol, free from alde­hyde, free from phe­nol, there is less eva­po­ra­tion during wiping, saving cost and ensu­ring a com­pliant disin­fec­tion. Avai­lable in a prac­ti­cal wipes and maxi-wipes, bio­sa­ni­ti­zer S2 wipes cover all the need for conve­nient use on medi­cal devices sur­faces. With no hazard sym­bol, Sanis­wiss bio­sa­ni­ti­zer S2 wipes can be used safe­ly accor­ding to the ins­truc­tion for use men­tio­ned on the label. Its citrus fresh fra­grance makes it a pre­fer­red choice mas­king other unplea­sant odors. Scien­ti­fi­cal­ly deve­lo­ped for sen­si­tive medi­cal devices and sur­faces, incl. the uphol­ste­ry of the medi­cal exa­mi­na­tion chairs.

bac­te­ri­cide EN 13727. yeas­ti­cide EN 13624. myco­bac­te­ri­cide EN 14204 active against myco­bac­te­rium ter­rae, myco­bac­te­rium avium, myco­bac­te­rium bovis. viru­cide EN 14476 actif sur BVDV as sur­ro­gate of HCV, PRV as sur­ro­gate of HBV, vac­ci­nia virus as sur­ro­gate of HIV, influen­za, H5N1, H1N1, herpes sim­plex virus, rota­vi­rus. spores EN 13704 active against cla­do­spo­rium cla­do­spo­rioides, spores clos­tri­dium dif­fi­cile.

medi­cal device Class IIa. CE 0120. VAH-lis­ted in Ger­ma­ny.